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Visual Testing for Emails Sent Using 3rd Party Dynamic Templates

This blog post will teach you how to visually verify the emails sent by a 3rd party service. Such verification is necessary to ensure the emails have the expected style, and include the necessary information. The post teaches you how to deal with the difficult email markup generated from dynamic tem…

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Cypress + Storybook 2.0

When building a design system, we like to see components rendered in isolation. What better tool to do that than Storybook? We can see our components, wrap them in decorators, and show our stakeholders beautiful user story demos. Once we know how our components should look, we want to test them. For…

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Testing HTML Emails using Cypress

In this blog post, we will use a local SMTP server to receive emails sent by the app to the user. We will test the HTML emails to make sure they look and work correctly. Note: you can find the source code shown in this blog post at cypress-email-example and watch a video explaining the testing proce…

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Testing deployed GitLab pages using Cypress and GitLab CI

In this blog post we will deploy a static site to GitLab Pages, and then we will run end-to-end browser tests against the deployed site to make sure it is working as expected. The Cypress Test Runner makes it extremely simple to write full browser end-to-end (E2E) tests, while GitLab CI is a powerfu…

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