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Generate High-Resolution Videos and Screenshots

This blog post shows how to increase the resolution of the videos and screenshots recorded during the cypress run execution. Videos with higher resolution make debugging simpler and look better when shared with other members of the team. The problemLet's look at the Wikipedia.com website. In my loca…

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When Can The Test Blink?

Let's take a page where a loading element is displayed while the application is fetching the data from the server. If the test is observing the loading element to make sure it disappears, can the loading be too fast? Can the test runner "blink" and miss the element?…

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Testing The Anchor Links

Once upon a time Zach Bloomquist and I were discussing how to achieve an all-time hero status. We were talking about our open source heroes of course, and I wanted to send Zach a link to the testing section of the Develop, Preview, Test blog post written by Guillermo Rauch. The testing section was i…

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When Can The Test Navigate?

In this blog post I will show a test that appears simple, yet acts in surprisingly annoying and frustrating ways. We will slightly change the test to make it reliable and flake-free.…

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