Testing has been broken for too long.

Until now, end-to-end testing wasn’t easy. It was the part developers hated.
Not anymore. Cypress makes setting up, writing, running and debugging tests easy.

"Can't say enough about @Cypress_io! Makes testing modern and legacy code a snap. The GUI tools are amazing and the CLI just works. Having a video of each test spec is 🤩" - Nick DeNardis

Before Cypress

Choose a framework


Choose an assertion library




Choose a Selenium wrapper


Add additional libraries




End-to-end tests

✨ With Cypress ✨


All-in-one testing framework, assertion library, with mocking and stubbing, all without Selenium.

7 ways Cypress is different:

  1. 1 Cypress does not use Selenium.

    Most end-to-end testing tools are Selenium-based, which is why they all share the same problems. To make Cypress different, we built a new architecture from the ground up. Whereas Selenium executes remote commands through the network, Cypress runs in the same run-loop as your application.

  2. 2 Cypress focuses on doing end-to-end testing REALLY well.

    Cypress is not a general automation framework, nor is it a unit testing framework for your back end services. There are already great tools out there that do that. Rather, we specialize in one thing - creating a great experience while you write end to end tests for your web applications.

  3. 3 Cypress works on any front-end framework or website.

    Cypress tests anything that runs in a web browser. All of the architecture surrounding Cypress is built to handle modern JavaScript frameworks especially well. We have hundreds of projects using the latest React, Angular, Vue, Elm, etc. frameworks. Cypress also works equally well on older server rendered pages or applications.

  4. 4 Cypress tests are only written in JavaScript.

    While you can compile down to JavaScript from any other language, ultimately the test code is executed inside the browser itself. There are no language or driver bindings - there is and will only ever be just JavaScript.

  5. 5 Cypress is all in one.

    Writing end-to-end tests takes a lot of different tools to work together. With Cypress you get multiple tools in one. There is no need to install 10 separate tools and libraries to get your test suite set up. We have taken some of the best-in-class tools you are likely already familiar with and made them all work together seamlessly.

  6. 6 Cypress is for developers and QA engineers.

    One of our goals was to make test-driven development a reality for end-to-end testing. Cypress is at its best when you use it as you build your application. We give you the power to code as fast as possible.

  7. 7 Cypress runs much, much faster.

    These architectural improvements unlock the ability to do TDD with full end-to-end tests for the very first time. Cypress has been built so that testing and development can happen simultaneously. You can develop faster while driving the entire dev process with tests because: you can see your application; you still have access to the developer tools; and changes are reflected in real time. The end result is that you will have developed more, your code will be better, and it will be completely tested. If you use Cypress Cloud, parallelization and automated load balancing will further supercharge your test speeds.

Key Differences

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